• Why are BT / Talk Talk etc only able to offer me low speeds in this village?

    BT are the only provider of traditional broadband in the area. This means that everyone else (TalkTalk, Sky etc.) are reselling BT’s service. The equipment that BT has in the local villages is only capable of up to 8Mb broadband and this is reduced depending on the length of the cable between your local exchange and your house. This leaves most houses receiving unreliable, slow broadband with no alternative provider. Buckminster Broadband have paid to run fibre optic cable into and around Buckminster and the service is delivered to end users via licensed 5Ghz radio. This means that the service is not dependent on the BT cabling so we can therefore provide much faster speed.

  • How do I know Buckminster Broadband can provide the fastest / cheapest service?

    The service is delivered on a best endeavours basis. We aim to beat your current speed by double - if not we will take the equipment out and refund your install fee. If you order a 30Mb service and we can’t deliver near to 30Mb we will allow you to select the cheaper 8Mb package. Most customers receive well over 30Mb. This means that over 75% of people are receiving 30Mbps.

  • What does the equipment look like?

    The router is a rectangle blue and white box, with two aerials at each corner. The dimensions are (W x D x H) – 195mm x 130mm x 36mm.

    The aerial which is fitted with a slim white pole near to your roof line for optimal reception. Dimensions – (W x D x H) 80mm x 30mm x 294mm - not including pole which varies in height to allow for optimal reception.

  • Do I need a BT line?

    No. If you are happy not having a landline at your house there is no need to have a phone line at all.


For technical support please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01476 247100 between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday